Keyword Level Call Tracking

The goal for many online advertisers is not an online conversion but rather to generate phone calls. The web site is built correctly, keywords are methodically chosen, PPC campaigns are driving customers to your site and they are picking up the phone to call, but it's a guess game as to which keywords and which search engines are driving the calls. You may not even be aware which calls are generated by organic rankings vs PPC. To make matters worse you just launched a large real media campaign and have seen a tremendous spike in calls which further confuse the matter.

Call tracking software, in combination with sound strategy, can uncover the information you need and cut wasteful ad spend.

Track Calls From Any Source

Significant advancements in call tracking software have been made in the last few years. With one script, similar to Google Analytics, placed on each page of your web site, you can begin tracking every phone call right down to the search engine, ad group, even keyword as well as the actual search term the visitor used - an added benefit when looking for negative keywords. These softwares can even pass the data through to Google Analytics and integrate with CRM systems.

CRM Integration

Pass your call and conversion data straight through to your CRM system or call center software. Now you can finally get real ROI data on all your call center traffic sources and begin optimizing your ad spend feeing up budget to try new campaigns.

Phone Call Analytics

Understand which of your campaigns drive phone calls and see phone call reports directly within your web analytics package of choice. With several phone call tracking product solutions to choose from finding the perfect fit takes experience. Getting the most out of your software takes strategy.

Call Tracking Services We Offer

We have worked extensively with numerous call tracking software packages. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. How do you choose the one which best meets your needs? Our experts will help develop a call tracking strategy which will accomplish your goals and define the necessary points of integration. We can then recommend which call tracking software will best match your needs and help negotiate the best deal possible.

Once your call tracking software has been initiated, we can assist with the web site integration and work with you to understand the new data, review it and how to optimize around it.

Who Do you Work With?

Search Marketing Group offers landing page services to businesses of ANY size seeking to increase the performance of their online web presence. From B-to-B or B-to-C, we have the experience, insight and capability to make your business an online benchmark in your industry at the local, national or global level.

How to Get Started....

Getting started is simple. Click Get a Quote or simply pick up the phone and call 1-888-748-1660 and speak to one of our search engine marketing consultants. We will immediately begin an in-depth analysis of your web presence and propose a comprehensive call tracking strategy which suits your business, goals, budget and time frame.