About Us

Our mission is to help businesses of any size develop a cutting-edge web presence of the highest quality, integrity and performance and ensure continued success through dependable services and consultative support.

Search Marketing Group brings Fortune®100 quality web strategies to businesses of any size. With over 24 million business in the United States, search engines still have yet to discover most of the relevant content. Every day hundreds of millions of searches are performed by customers looking for the products and services local and national businesses offer. More often than not the first pages of search engines are dominated by affiliate websites offering little value to a consumer. Search Marketing Group aims to shift the balance from the small affiliates who understand the web back into the hands of the businesses which actually drive the commerce - quite simply our goal is to build a better web one website at a time and ensure that content is index organically and promoted actively where it can reach active consumers.

To accomplish this goal each client receives an unparalleled level of attention from dedicated teams of experienced highly-skilled consultants, campaign mangers and web developers. Everything related to your internet presence and sales process is learned, reviewed and incorporated into a custom designed strategy.

Through screen sharing technology we are able to extend the reach of our "virtual" conference room globally from our New York City Metropolitan locations. Our mobile compatible project management portal makes collaboration simple, timelines trackable in a single click and to-do lists accessible from anywhere a connection is possible.

Search engine marketing and website design projects have never been simpler, more dependable and enjoyable to manage or more effective. We look forward to learning more about how we can meet your needs.