LinkedIn Pay-Per-Click

There are over 100 Million professionals on LinkedIn including 40 million U.S. members, two million C-level executives and one-and-a-half million small business owners. We help clients place ads on the web site. We are able to target LinkedIn members by job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size, or LinkedIn Group.

By incorporating various strategies, landing pages and ad copy we can help draw attention from your high-value hard to reach customers, drive them to your web site and deliver you message directly to a specific audience.

Who Do you Work With?

Search Marketing Group offers our LinkedIn Advertising services to businesses of ANY size seeking to increase the performance of their online web presence. From B-to-B or B-to-C, we have the experience, insight and capability to make your business an online benchmark in your industry at the local, national or global level.

How to Get Started....

Getting started is simple. Click Get a Quote or simply pick up the phone and call 1-888-748-1660 and speak to one of our social networking consultants. We will immediately begin an in-depth analysis of your web presence and propose a comprehensive Social Networking strategy which suits your business, goals, budget and time frame.