Strategies Are What Makes Search Marketing Group Different

What We Do

We are a full-service, boutique style, internet marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing, web site design, social networking, display advertising and conversion rate optimization. Our highly consultative approach involves maximizing the number of qualified visitors to your site and fine-tuning your web pages to ensure they push the largest possible percentage of traffic into and through your sales process. Today, search marketing is more than simply SEO & PPC which is why we place equal importance on social networking, display, re-targeting & email campaigns. We consider them integral components of a properly executed internet marketing strategy in today's ultra competitive high-COA environment.

Each industry and business presents its own unique challenge. Gaining a thorough understanding of your operations, audience, objectives & competition means we can better execute a customized internet marketing strategy designed to make you the online benchmark of your industry.

To ensure continued success and maintain continuity your dedicated consultants and account representatives retain the lead throughout your campaign's duration.

Arts & Entertainment

From wedding planners, local DJs, Bands & Art Galleries, Search Marketing Group has the ability to develop engaging web site's and the marketing skills to ensure your web site is found.

Perhaps you want to communicate with your audience via social networks or continuously update an events calendar on your web site? Our consultants can help conceptualize cutting-edge features which will make your business stand out from the competition.

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Automotive & Dealership

Without question our experience in automobile marketing is unparalleled. It is in our blood - literally. From racing web sites to dealership web sites and everything in between, Search Marketing group is continuously pushing the envelope. With clients like Bentley, Audi, Rolls Royce, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Land Rover we have to consistently remain one step ahead of the competition.

  • Our hands-on paid search strategies offer a level of sophistication unlike any other found at the dealership level.
  • Our e-mail blasts have some of the highest opening and click through rates in the industry.
  • Our search engine optimization and link-building services are strategic & well planned
  • Finally our media and content rich dealership web sites offer increased quality score, conversion and organic keyword placement which, when combined with triple-digit increases in sales, parts and service leads, means more sales across the board.

If your dealership, marquee or auto industry business values internet marketing and desires a more sophisticated, exclusive and service-oriented approach than what is currently available - Search Marketing Group is for you.

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Business to Business

Business to Business internet marketing and web design is a specialty. Running a successful B to B search engine marketing campaign requires experience and a thorough understanding of your audience. Often consumer keywords overlap with B to B keywords. Qualifying traffic is imperative to obtaining the correct ROI.

A professional, content-rich, easy to navigate web site is an important component of B to B online success. How and where to integrate white papers, contact forms and live chat are all integral to success.

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Business & Professional Services

A large and majoratively local subset of B to B - business and professional services include solutions for accounting firms, employment agencies & consultants.

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Community & Government

From local .govs to little league web sites, we have simple, affordable solutions which fit even the most stringent budget. Maintenance costs are always a consideration. By installing intuitive content management systems we can empower your staff to create their own pages from scratch simply and with minimal if any training.

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Direct Response

Hard hitting conversion optimized web pages are key to a powerful direct response campaign. Drive controlled traffic through PPC and maintain margins with powerful SEO. By streamlining your campaigns our services will drive large amounts of phone traffic to your call center and if necessary increase online orders driven by real media initiatives.

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You know the statistics - It's all about eCommerce right now.

For those currently engaged in eCommerce, gaining an edge whenever and wherever possible is the key to continued success. Our consulting service can assist your internal team in all aspects of eCommerce marketing. Our eCommerce conversion optimization services can beef up your bottom line. There is always room for improvement in SEO and paid search and our development team can help create high converting creative for your re-marketing campaigns or cutting-edge web applications.

For those considering engaging in eCommerce our highly consultative approach will help lay an ideal foundation for you to get out of the gate fast and catch up to your competition quickly. Our continued support will ensure lasting success and help reduce many of the growing pains associated with such a new and esoteric endeavor.

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You could make a legitimate argument that instructions of learning MUST have a strong search engine marketing presence. After all schools, colleges & universities are generally attended by people under the age of 25. When is the last time you saw someone under the age of 25 use a yellow pages or read a newspaper? Their media is consumed digitally. Their answers come from search engines. And not just on desktops or laptops. This is a mobile and tablet based internet presence. For example the average monthly download volume on Phones used by our employee's is over 1GB per month of mobile internet use.

Social networking strategy for educational institutions is imperative. Communication regularly with your student base is faster, simpler and less expensive when done through technology. Our search engine marketing, display, social networking and display strategies, services and consulting are perfectly aligned to raise your search engine presence and enhance the way you communicate with your student body.

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Financial Institutions

For financial services firms, mortgage brokers & mortgage bankers ensuring you are found online and can compete toe-to-toe in your market with online leaders and lead aggregators is the key to increasing business or maintaining success.

For local, regional and national banks customer access to information and account servicing is key in today's fast paced information age. Mobile banking and mobile banking applications top the mobile web use statistics.

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Food & Dining

Restaurants, from quick-service to gourmet, require a web presence. POS integration with online ordering is a great way to increase sales, build customer loyalty, encourage ordering frequency and streamline your delivery or take-out business. Mobile ordering, mobile menus and mobile compatible web sites are the next step as more users select their meals on the go or search for information via mobile or tablet devices. With so many restaurant web sites currently coded in flash mobile, compatibility is of paramount importance. Advertising your restaurant online, SEO and menu submission services are important strategies.

For catering & private dinning halls, wedding & event venues - ensuring your web site is found and compelling will result in increased bookings.

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Franchise & Multi-Local

Franchise and multi-local internet marketing strategies are complex and difficult to manage correctly. How to reduce duplicate content while maintaining a strong multi-local internet presence is a question many franchise webmasters constantly ask themselves. We have extensive experience in local internet marketing.

Pay-per-click and SEO strategies for multi-local and franchise organizations can be very successful. Navigating boundaries is a simple task with proper planning. As with everything, strategy is the key. We can help organize and execute strategies for your organization regardless of its structure. From centrally controlled franchise web sites to the most disorganized multi-local strategies, our search marketing experts can help get your multi-local internet marketing on track.

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Health & Medicine

Medical topics are the single most searched terms online. You name it people are searching for it. From service providers to hospitals to national treatment centers, medical supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, informational web sites and everything in between, we have the capability to create winning medical web sites that rank for the search terms your patients, clients and audience are searching. It is imperative in this day and age to place your medical web site in front of your audience at the right time. Studies show the most patients are searching ailments and remedies online and are making decisions with this information not soley on their doctor visits as they used to. Read more about our internet marketing strategies and services for medical.

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Law Firms

From international law firms with multiple locations to diversified attorney practices and all specialties in-between, we have the strategies to make your firm an online success. Our web site design and search engine marketing services provide the extra edge your law firm needs to succeed online. Drive more traffic to your web site, communicate more effectively with existing clients and generate new business through an enhanced high-profile internet presence.

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Lead Generation

Weather you are generating leads online for resale or your own company, conversion rate and cost per lead are largely going to determine your degree of success. We have extensive experience in online lead generation for call centers, non-profits, businesses and more. From direct response to lead re-sellers, our conversion rate optimization and search engine marketing expertise will help you reach your target cost per lead at the volume your business craves.

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Local Small Business

Superior internet marketing strategies and outstanding web sites are no longer reserved for eCommerce and Fortune 500 companies. Local business of any size can now afford to construct a web site rivaling that of a national competitor for a fraction of what that site would have cost just 5 years ago. Advancements in web site content management systems mean managing your web site content is a far simpler task requiring little, if any, training. Properly managed local pay-per-click and SEO mean customers will find you right next to your major national competitors. Our managed local internet marketing strategies ensure you no longer look or perform second best to major regional and national competitors.

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Non-Profit Corporations

From car donation charities to local houses of worship, our search engine marketing and web site design teams understand the needs of local and national 501 [c](3) charities. Raise money or attract donations online. Use your web site to communicate with donors, parishioners or congregants. Our search marketing team will develop campaigns to help attract donors and remain within the constraints the IRS requires.

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Real Estate

In today's current real estate climate making sure your agency or brokerage is found online is imperative. Most new home purchases begin online. When sellers are looking to list their home are you easily found? Are the benefits your agency offers to sellers easily found online? Do yo have sales pitch for new listings? or An evaluation form? Past comps? We are experts in making sure your real estate agency is found online in the areas you want to serve to get more listings and sell existing listings faster.

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Residential Services

Plumbers, heating, HVAC, electricians, landscaping, contractors, kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, home windows, plowing, home security, home automation, lighting, home entertainment, bathroom remodeling, roofing, paving, swimming pools, patios and more. With so many homes needing so many services, the search traffic is enormous. Our search engine marketing team can develop strategies which will place your web site in front of relevant consumers while they search online. Our web site development team can create web sites and pages which define your services and compel the public to contact your business at a high rate giving you an affordable cost per lead and the best chance at turning clicks into customers.

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