Site & Share Counter Service Interruption

This morning October 12, 2011 at approximately 9:55AM NYC time we noticed our site as well as our clients sites using the share counter were all not loading properly. OneĀ  minute after we tweeted the issue @addthis released the following tweet:

“Sorry if the site is a little slow this morning. Should be back to normal speediness soon. :)

Fifteen minutes later they tweeted the following:

“Share counters might be acting up as well but we’re on it. Thanks for your patience!”

They seem to be working the problem but a good idea might be to comment out or remove the following code until the issue is rectified:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script>

For a more permanent solution you can load the code asynchronously by following the directions here:

Hopefully they get this resolved soon and folks don’t lose confidence in this handy social bookmarking and sharing service. This is one of our favorite widgets to install on client websites to help them build natural links and social shares. Their handy analytics provide useful data.

As an avid motorcyclist we have a saying “There are two types of riders out there. Those who have gone down and those who will” Anyone in this business knows the same logic applies to hosting. Good Luck working the issue addthis!

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