How to Get The Most Coveted Link of All – The Google Homepage Link

It stands to reason for Google rankings a link from the Google homepage is as good as it gets. We took a look at a link Google placed on their homepage today and reverse-engineered exactly how this link was “won”. What follows is the 18 steps one must take to get a link from

From what we can tell it takes roughly 35 years to attain this link so here is the play by play of how to get a link to your website from the Google homepage:

  1. Go Back to 1976, find a walrussy looking guy who is second to none with a soldiering iron and form a computer company.
  2. Get your company off the ground with some “simple” innovation.
  3. Entice a leading beverage executive to leave his cushy job with one of worlds leading brands by challenging him with a simple question “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”
  4. Grow the company large enough so within 8 years of its founding you can produce a television commercial which airs during the SuperBowl and launches your third revolutionary product in 8 years – All you have to do now is make sure the product is a game changer for an industry as well as all mankind.
  5. Get Fired so you can reinvent yourself.
  6. Push the boundaries of technology so your old employer has no choice but to buy your new company and hire you back out of abject fear because some smart dude at CERN has already used it to invent an entirely new form of communication and information delivery called the world wide web.
  7. While you’re at it drop $10 million on a failing company with a fantastic culture and a troth of the worlds most creative people simply because you believe it has to work.
  8. When that company fails to achieve it’s original goal of being a high-end graphics hardware developer don’t give up…call Disney.
  9. Executive produce an entirely new revolution in an entirely new industry and reinvent Hollywood.
  10. Stand up to your beliefs and when you don’t like the new deal take your ball and go home – even if it means potentially losing BILLIONS.
  11. Make Disney salivate to the tune of $7.4 Billion and offer you majority shareholder-ship simply becasue you stuck to your guns and they know you hold the keys to the future and all you want to do is share them with the world.
  12. While this is all going on sell your new company to your old employer becasue they are lost without you.
  13. During your second act proceed to once again forever change a third new industry (the recording industry) by tearing apart it’s entire structure through the introduction of one simple device that fits in your pocket.
  14. Make that device smaller.
  15. Take all forms of communication,  untether them, shrink them into one device which again fits in your pocket and once the world is addicted..lower the price so more people can enjoy it.
  16. Then, just so people don’t think you have issues with size, make it a bit larger, remove the phone and produce a device people seem to enjoy touching more than themselves.
  17. During this later period of success when things start getting too easy – battle one of the most deadliest forms of cancer and survive 8-times longer than the average person. Throw a liver transplant in the mix as well just to keep the level of difficulty up.
  18. And when the company you founded in your garage 35 years ago becomes number one in the world bow out gracefully, spend some time with your family and die far-too-young with them at your side.

That, quite simply, is how to get a link to your site on Google’s homepage.

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