Change Default Search Engine in Firefox Address Bar

Last week I installed a program – a free one. I didn’t really have a choice I had to send a file for a client that was too big. I needed to use their certain program. Of course with any FREE installation of a program there is always a catch. Mine came along with a very un-needed toolbar. There is no one that is more anti-toolbar than me. When I see screenshots from others sometimes it makes my skin crawl just looking at them. What is even funnier is that most windows users may not even realize they are being installed or that their viewing window space is being hogged by them.

I quickly uninstalled it and it did not give me any issues.

Later on I went to search for something using my address bar (naturally) and to my surprise it searched Bing instead of Google. I was so upset – silly I know! But I do not like my settings being changed without my knowledge. I am on the computer 50+ hours a week and when something is not the way I want I get mad. I scrambled with the browser settings. No luck. I tried for a week to figure out what was wrong. The search box was fine, but the address bar itself had another setting. Very annoying. Finally figured it out, this is what you have to do:

[Please be careful doing this do not change other settings unless you know what you're doing]
1. Type about:config in your address bar in Firefox
2. In the filter box search for keyword.url
3. Double click and a dialog box will open where you can edit the search URL
4. You will have to change it to the search string to whatever search engine you want to use.

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